Holly Winebrenner


Holly is Earl’s wife and she too was born and raised in Louisville. She and Earl met in 1988, where they both worked at Dean Witter, Inc. Her fist day at Dean Witter was October 19th, 1987 which was Black Monday. The market dropped 508 points/22.6% that day and she remembers it distinctively well because she seriously considered not going back to work on Tuesday, but she is glad she did otherwise she wouldn’t have met Earl the following year. Once they married, she left the business and worked at a graphic arts firm because she didn’t think it was “a great idea to work with your husband everyday.” In June, 1993, she became a stay at home mom when their son, Martin, was born. In August of 1999, Earl opened WCM and at that time she went back went back to work with her husband and has been there every day since. 22 years later, it turns out it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Holly oversees many of the internal operations within the firm. Her talent and passion for design lends her to be involved with the firm’s real estate ventures. From the remodeling of the single family rental homes and the apartments portfolio, to the designing and building of the self-storage facility, she has an eye for the details and knowing what is current and what people are drawn to. She’s not only passionate about how things look, but knowing how well they will function for many years to come is also very important to her.

In Holly’s free time she enjoys reading, traveling, entertaining, swimming, skiing, and recently has become a huge fan of hot yoga. At the top of her “favorite things to do list” these days, is spending time at her and Earl’s home in Siesta Key with family and friends.