Real Estate Development

At Winebrenner, we specialize in real estate partnerships that allow accredited clients to invest as limited partners in our various real estate properties, which can even be held in an IRA.


Why we invest in real estate. 

We view real estate as an opportunity to earn above average long-term returns. At the same time real estate can provide diversification as it serves as a complimentary asset class that is not directly correlated to traditional paper asset classes such as stocks and bonds. Also, unlike stocks and bonds, real estate can better provide both income and capital appreciation.


Real estate can also represent a tangible asset class that consists of concrete, lumber, steel, etc. that can act as a hedge against inflation. For example, think back to the first home you owned. What did you pay for it and what is it worth today? Think back to the first apartment you ever rented. What did you pay then and what does it rent for today?


Real estate is also an asset class favored by the current tax code due to things such as depreciation and cost segregation. While debt is also favorably treated, we do not believe the risks outweigh the returns to overleverage a property.


A benefit of our unique style of real estate ownership, being private and non-publicly traded, is that we can control the time and the price on entry and exit. Also, during the life of the investment as the direct owner we can control the management of the property to more directly affect its ultimate performance. We believe this to be a valuable tradeoff to the forgoing of daily liquidity.


Timberwood Properties, LLC, is our property management subsidiary. All properties are managed by Timberwood unless otherwise noted.

Current Properties