Earl G. Winebrenner, III
Managing Member
Earl is the owner and president of Winebrenner Capital Management and has over 35 years of experience in the investment industry.
Holly is Earl’s wife and she is involved in overseeing the internal operations of Winebrenner Capital Management.
Wes Crowdis
Senior Wealth Manager
Wes has worked with Winebrenner Capital Management for over 10 years and particularly likes working with clients to help them identify and prioritize their financial goals.
Krista Thompson
Chief Compliance Officer
Krista joined Winebrenner Capital Management in 2015. She works closely with advisers and clients to ensure that all compliance, financial, operational needs are met.
Rebekah Ellis
Chief Financial Officer
Rebekah joined Winebrenner Capital Management as an assistant to the owner in 2013, was promoted to Lead Staff Accountant in 2015, and is currently the Chief Financial Officer.
Phyllis Martin
Records Assistant
Phyllis works in our records department. She manages the filing system as well as researching various projects. She also serves as a back-up to the administrative assistants in the office.